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AOP Orphan Middle East

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG

The regional office of AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG in United Arab Emirates has been established in 2009 with a strong focus on the therapeutic areas in haematology and cardiology & pulmonology. With the approval of AOP Orphans lead product Thromboreductin in 2003 and Remodulin in 2006 in the EU, an aggressive territorial expansion to the MENA region including Turkey was pursued with a commercial organisation based in Dubai. In the meantime AOP Orphan extended the therapeutic areas to Neurology & Psychiatry and metabolic disorders.


Afshin Gharehgozloo

Area Manager

The regional office of AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG - Middle east is led by Afshin Gharehgozloo, a Medical Doctor, who acts as the Area Manager. He has significant previous management experience in companies like Sanofi, Takeda and Octapharma. Over the last years AG has expanded the organisation and build a strong network with full coverage of specialist centres for haematology, cardiology & pulmology, neurology and metabolic disorders.


AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG – Middle East

3206 Shatha Tower
Dubai Media City
United Arab Emirates
P. O . Box 502516
Tel +971 4 4539 685
Fax +971 4 4539 686



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